the past few weeks in pictures …

August 9, 2010

summer has been so … summery!! we’ve enjoyed so much time in the sun, in the water, with friends … i am so thankful.

here are some highlights, starting at my cousin’s amazing wedding in july:

our precious flower girl!

love them!!!

after wedding festivities (and boy were there awesome festivities!), we enjoyed a day at the lake with some friends:

maddie and naomi

so much fun swimming in the lake!

we’ve enjoyed many, many times swimming … at local pools and  our favorite pool: aunt nancy and uncle ron’s:

maddie and mylia =)

we missed sweet hubs when he went to a conference in san diego:

… but we loved greeting him at the airport when he returned! we got dressed up, maddie wrote a sweet letter, and we welcomed him home late friday night at our local airport!!

we also went to  a local church that has outdoor amphitheater seating:

enjoying the delicious (and free!) bbq after church

on a warm night last week, maddie lay on a blanket on our back lawn while i read “little women” aloud, until it grew too dark to see:

she is forever drawing, sketching, coloring, creating ...

last week, maddie participated in a local VBS. it was SUCH a great experience … she was hesitant to go, but at the end of the week, said she was so glad to have gone! she got to spend time with some sweet friends (heather’s kids!), and make new friends (especially kate!):

kate, carmen and maddie

and on friday, we had some dear friends (and their 5 kids over!) for pizza-making; it was so great to connect and spend time together as a adults, and the kids had a blast:

lori, building delicious pizzas!

sweet kids!


One Response to “the past few weeks in pictures …”

  1. Meredith Says:

    What a fun summer! I LOVE your dress from the wedding! Gorgeous!

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