a starry night

August 12, 2010

i love that learning takes place far outside the confines of a “classroom” but happens in wild and awesome ways all the time! last night was the perfect example.

we went to an event at a park in ashland, that started at 10:30pm. maddie was ecstatic to be up that late, heading to somewhere with bundles of blankets, warm drinks and snacks. =) we spread out our blankets in a field under the stars, with many others as we learned about meteors, constellations, jupiter, and more. the “host” was a woman with a wealth of understanding and knowledge, and she happily answered questions and pointed, with her “laser”, to various constellations and planets. there were several high powered telescopes available so we were able to see the andromeda galaxy as well as jupiter (plus 3 of its moons). my hubby was so excited to learn that the giant “star” he’s been seeing in the sky late at night was, in fact, jupiter!

we saw over 20 meteors (aka, shooting stars)! it was AWESOME. we giggled, snuggled, and just soaked it all in.

there is something so incredible about laying under the incredible expanse of a starry night, realizing that the GOD we serve created this (and so much more) and even as our omniscient, incomprehensibly mighty and sovereign LORD … He also loves us each abundantly. i lay there last night, soaking in His creation, and in His love for me.

all of creation truly does declare His glory.


2 Responses to “a starry night”

  1. Meredith Says:

    I agree–the stars and the ocean are such powerful reminders of God’s creation for me!

    When I was living in Tacoma, I absolutely HATED the fact that you simply couldn’t see the stars ever. It seems silly, but growing up, it never occurred to me that there were places where the cities were so busy that you couldn’t see the stars at night!

  2. jaw123456 Says:

    Beautifully written my friend…God’s majesty abounds!

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