a servant’s heart

August 18, 2010

yesterday, my girlfriend and i (plus our daughters) spent a fabulous day on the dock of my aunt and uncle’s cabin at a local lake. this is one of my dearest girlfriends, visiting after moving to texas (wahh) last year. the day was incredible.

my hubby had a morning conference call that required him to be home by 10 – the time that us girls were planning to leave. and while i was getting ready, he left … and proceeded to get the car’s oil changed, tires filled with air, and gas tank filled up. this was all d0ne quietly, with no “pomp and circumstance”, to the car that i would take on our 45 minute drive to the lake.

later that afternoon, while lounging on the dock, basking in the sun, the glory of creation and the hours of catching up w/my girlfriend … i mentioned the oil change/gas fill up, etc that hubby had done. her jaw dropped and she exclaimed over that act of kindness and love.

so i got to thinking … and the truth is, my hubby amazes me. and inspires me. he literally NEVER complains. he serves, tirelessly. and as his wife, i am the blessed beneficiary!

so last night, as i was doing mundane (isn’t the mundane that triggers that complaining/grumpiness – or is it just me?!) tasks, like ironing his pants, i thought of the way he serves me in the simple tasks with no complaint or acknowledgement.

and i thought, isn’t this what we want for our daughters, for our single girlfriends? simply, a husband with a servant heart … to serve GOD first, other’s next.

i am pointed back to Christ, to our ultimate Example of serving in love.


2 Responses to “a servant’s heart”

  1. jaw123456 Says:

    Such a sweet testimony to who Mike is…you are blessed. It is an amazing experience to be married to an incredible man…

  2. home2learn Says:

    jess, yes … and your husband is an amazing man and blessing, too. =)

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