homeschooling thoughts and plans …

August 21, 2010

today, i had 2 different mama’s comment that i must be “special” to be a homeschooling mama; that there is “no way” they could do it. i laughed and assured them, i am definitely not special. crazy, maybe, but not special. =)

but seriously, i remember when i thought of homeschooling like that; like something not for me but for a certain gifted few. God slowly changed me (and my hubby’s) mind, and now we are about to embark on our second year. and it feels so interesting, sitting in *these* shoes now, after holding a different perspective for so long. what an incredible paradigm shift that’s happened in the past few years.

what i know for sure is that being home, educating and discipling and being responsible for the learning of my daughter, is an extraordinary privilege. it is a burden, for sure, but one that i can no longer hand over to someone else.

i had some wonderful conversations with some other mama’s a couple weeks ago, both sharing with me how daunting homeschooling seemed (how to pick curriculum? are you monitored and tested? etc). and i shared how MANY choices there are for schooling options; for mama’s who want the planning and curriculum figured out, there is something for them; for those who want to pick and choose, there are a plethora of choices.

one thing that i love the most, and honestly feel the greatest burden about, is getting to create an educational plan that really grows and stirs my daughter’s areas of gifting and passion. i’ve done so much research (and there is WAY more to do!) on the various curriculum/areas of study, and feel good about our current plan for this year, but i am still wondering: what MORE could we be doing to dive in to maddie’s artistic gifting, for instance? it’s a process, and along the way i add what i can and what i find … and thank GOD for grace to cover the areas i miss.

so, here’s the academic plan for this year, as of today: =)

:: bible

:: history/reading

:: language arts

:: science (maddie is so excited about this!)

:: math

:: and this, when it is available (i am excited for it!)

maddie really wants to learn about bodies of water, so i think we’ll take that first week and do a “unit” study… diving in with books, videos and then a field trip to a local body of water (crater lake). i need to figure out the details of this still, but it sounds like a good idea! =)

we are also thrilled that one of our dearest homeschooling mama’s is hosting both an ART and a SCIENCE learning together time in her home, every week! i’ve been wanting to incorporate more “co-op” learning times and this is such a blessing. a group of us mama’s are getting together in a few weeks to brainstorm more and set out some plans for the year, for group learning … perhaps one of us will host a 1 or 2-day blitz, focusing on a certain subject that we’ll teach all the kids; or, we’ll do like our friend is, hosting something weekly over a period of time. either way, there are several of us who are really stirred to come together in this way with our kids, and i am excited!

for moving our bodies (super important!), it looks like swimming may be a part of the plan … i’ll update on that soon. =)

even more than academics, though, my heart is to focus on some character training issues that need attention this year.  so, there will be more structure to our days and likely more days that don’t feel “fun” but include best effort given, all the time … not just when we feel like it. wink wink. =)


One Response to “homeschooling thoughts and plans …”

  1. Meredith Says:

    It sounds like you guys are gearing up for another great year–and I’m excited to hear more!

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