like no time had passed …

August 24, 2010

these girls have been kindred bosom friends since they were 6 years old (they are now 10 and 11). our precious kiana and her mom, lisa (one of my dearest friends) moved to texas last year.

we have missed them SO much.

last week, they came to town to visit for the week, and it was SO GREAT being together!! we spent one entire day at my aunt and uncle’s dock at a local lake … soaking in the beauty of the day, talking (and talking and talking!), swimming, playing … just enjoying.

we also spent an evening at a local concert in the park, and then got a yogurt treat later.

kiana, maddie, lisa

when the girls were hugging goodbye, they were both crying … and it made the mama’s cry, too. =( goodbye’s are just really hard. on the drive home, i asked maddie … did it seem like any time had passed since you last saw kiana? no, not at all was her reply. so we talked about what a GIFT it is, to have a deep dear friend with whom you share such a special friendship that when you see each other, it’s as if no time had passed. the connection and understanding remains strong. this is a gift to be celebrated and cultivated, even though the goodbye’s are so hard.


One Response to “like no time had passed …”

  1. Meredith Says:

    I have a few friendships like that, and they truly are such a TREASURE.

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