our girl has moved …

August 28, 2010

mylia and her family moved last weekend.

it is hard to capture how huge this loss is for our family; truly, she has been a part of our family for over 2 years. she has been in our home most days during those 2 years, living and sharing and experiencing and learning.

i buy her favorites when i grocery shop (a jar of pickles!); she has her own color for our family SORRY games (red); she has created inside jokes for our family (her favorite is teasing mike that he is dating the computer and cheating on me, since he spends a lot of time working on there! ha); she has a seat that is hers at the table; when we have dinner guests she insists on being a part of the preparation and of course being here, hosting her guests! =) and on and on and on.

i told mike that i never before had understand what it was to love, really LOVE another child like my own, but now i know. and i would adopt her tomorrow should the need arise!

she cried when she hugged mike goodbye; i cried saying goodbye to her. crazy that we (the adults) miss her as much as our daughter does.

thankfully, she lives about a mile down the street, and we’ve already picked her up twice this week to go swimming. but that is not the same as walking out her front door and coming in to ours (often without knocking). oh, how we miss her.


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