excellent movie and tidbits …

September 1, 2010

:: my friend heather invited me over to watch, “the business of being born” last week. i am SO glad that i watched it. it is an extremely thought-provoking film about, as the title says, the BUSINESS of birthing in our country. i have, admittedly, been pretty ignorant about midwifery, home birthing, and birthing historically in general. i knew that c-section rates have been dramatically rising (i’m one of the statistics) but had no CLUE all the dynamics and behind-the-scenes machinations taking place. i feel like my eyes have been opened! and no, i have no desire to have a home birth but definitely understand wanting to have a midwife by one’s side through pregnancy and childbirth. i really believe that many of our practicing ob/gyns are best suited as surgeons; quick to operate (c-section) and competent in doing so, but less open to a lengthy, REAL birthing process.

:: it’s been a busy week of watching kiddo’s! and it looks like the week will continue this way. meanwhile, i have several MAJOR organizing projects that i really want to accomplish, ideally, before we dive in to schooling next week. i hope to post some before/after pics once i make more progress!

:: speaking of things needing to be done, i need to complete a mini unit study that we’ll be doing next week, to kick off school. maddie has long been wanting to study bodies of water (she is obsessed with water depth, water creatures, etc etc). my plan is to do a few days of diverse, interesting learning … followed by a field trip to our local, incredible body of water (crater lake).

:: the weather has totally cooled this week, just as we (read: maddie!) were hoping to get in lots of swimming before the local pools close for the summer. ah, well. maybe the next few days?


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