i won!!

September 10, 2010

a couple of months ago, one of my favorite bloggers had a contest of sorts. each friday, this blogger features a fabulous, super fit, exercise professional woman who offers insights, training tips, fitness insights, etc. well, this pro offered a free, customized workout program to the one who submitted a question she selected.

she picked mine! interestingly, i had just written about *needing* a plan – some structure to my workout routine. i was in between several and wanting something solid that was best suited for my body and my goals.

the next week, i submitted my question … and out of *several*, she picked me. so cool!

it got really interesting because i then learned i was pregnant – yahoo!! – which changed my needs and workout goals significantly.

here’s the great news: she is willing to WAIT, until after i have the baby … AND WHEN I’LL BE NEEDING A PLAN THE MOST! so, a couple of months post-delivery, we get to develop a customized plan for my fitness goals.

i am super excited!


2 Responses to “i won!!”

  1. Meredith Says:

    How awesome–both that you WON, and that you’ll receive the plan post-baby!

  2. home2learn Says:

    mere, totally!
    what i am excited about is that this personal trainer customizes workout plans for home, gym, wherever. so, depending on how things are in life and what time/finances allow, i will get a workout that works for me. what a gift!

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