September 14, 2010

our precious mylia came running in the front door after school yesterday, crying.

“a girl was mean to me on the bus!” she cried.

i scooped her in to my arms and asked what happened.

according to mylia, the girl was touching her hair until finally mylia asked her to stop.

the girl then said, “well, at least i am not ugly.”

“i’m NOT ugly,” replied our feisty girl (love her!).

the girl’s response? “well, at least i’m not black.

and there’s more (paraphrased): “if martin luther king hadn’t made his speech, you wouldn’t be here,” the girl said.

my eyes locked with my hubby’s, who had been listening while working on his computer. i felt like throwing up simultaneous with the tears that came to my eyes.

we proceeded to offer encouragement, rebuttals, ANYTHING to negate the ugliness of this comment. you are beautiful, mylia! she probably wishes she had your beautiful hair! what she said was mean, and hurtful and we are SO sorry.

etc etc.

i really lack the words here to describe the depth of my angst, concern, alarm, sadness … that this ugliness is real, and is being poured in to young children. still. today. we can’t pretend that it’s not.

my heart is still heavy today for our sweet girl.


3 Responses to “mean.”

  1. Jessica Krohn Says:

    My heart is sad for sweet Mylia. Sometimes I wonder how hate like that is placed in children. Somehow I grew up not noticing skin color differences but judging a person by their character and actions rather than a skin color or heritage. I’m glad to say that I just don’t understand such prejudice and very sad to acknowledge that it still survives today.

    What gets me the most is the fact that there are so many terrible people with WHITE skin. And there are good and bad people in every color, shape, and size…all throughout history. Bad is not solely connected to any one culture, just as good is not solely connected to any one set of people!

    It is just pure and blatant IGNORANCE! And, how do we respond? Especially to our little ones. I felt immediately angry as I read your post and I’m not even Mylia’s family. I suppose our response should be to pray for this girl with the mean spirited comments and ask God to educate her in truth and to soften her heart so that she would realize that what she has done is hurtful. Oh how it can hurt to pray blessing for our enemies. Especially when they’re hurting our precious ones.

    Of course I know Mylia and she IS very beautiful! And likely the little girl was jealous, but that doesn’t make it any better when standing in Mylia’s shoes.

    How that must have hurt God’s heart when he heard those words…….

    May God help us to all be good stewards of the words that we speak, help us not to be judgmental of a person because of color, shape, or size, and help us to be His hands and feet offering love and encouragement in a world that can be so ugly.

    You and Mike are such good parents! Mylia is lucky to have you in her life! Thank God that she has you to speak truth to the lies!

  2. jani Says:

    Oh! I am so sad and sorry too. (((Mylia)))

  3. Meredith Says:

    What a sad moment. I was blown away by this occurrence. I think you’re right that we (me) forget that this hatred is STILL being poured into the hearts of little ones.

    I’m so glad that Mylia has people like you and Mike in her life that can speak TRUTH to her.

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