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September 20, 2010

:: yesterday, i was blown away to receive 2 huge bags of maternity clothes from jaina (thank you, ron and nancy, for driving them up from LA!). literally, some of the cutest, most fashionable tops and dresses i have *ever* seen, and they are maternity! i feel SO blessed. like mike said, it was better than my birthday. and maddie, my fashionista daughter, was just giddy looking thru every.single.item. =)

:: i am 10 1/2 weeks! i can’t describe the joy at the passing of time; the growing of this life within. thank you, LORD! we had another ultrasound this past week (didn’t expect one) and mike got to see our baby moving around! i cried as i looked at that screen … so many emotions.

:: and speaking of, the nausea and fatigue has been kicking my booty these past few days. it’s worse than it’s been the entire pregnancy; so, again i feel grateful AND i am learning how to not be frustrated with needing to rest and say no. my emotions have been pretty raw, too (what is up with crying over the smallest thing?!).

:: everything i’ve written so far has been about this pregnancy. lol.

:: new topic: maddie did *awesome* last week at swim team try-outs and will start this week on the pre-team at our local athletic club! long story behind this, but the short of it is that she thought she was going for a week of lessons and learned that it was, in fact, try-outs for a long-term team participation (long-term = more than one week of lessons). she didn’t fall in love with it as i had hoped and as she had during lessons this summer; but, we’ve decided it is a good thing for her and i continue to realize that we as parents make decisions for our children that they may not “love” initially but are what we think to be the best for them. she does love swimming and loves how strong her body feels when she does it!

:: we’ve been blessed to be invited to dinner at several friends’ homes this month; each time, there has been such enjoyment and refreshment sharing together. there is something so meaningful about being invited in to someone’s home, to eat food that they’ve prepared for you, and to share and spend time together. and while i love having people over, i am reminded again that i can’t let silly hang-ups get in my way (our apartment is small, etc). what really matters, and i know this, is people sharing their lives together. who cares about the stuff, anyway??! i never do.  (and as a side note, anyone have some good ideas about hostess gifts to bring?? i am always stumped on this one. i usually default to flowers if i am not bringing some food to share).

:: schooling has been full and rich and challenging and hard. and GOOD. a friend asked if am still glad to be homeschooling and i said, yes AND it is hard and good. because that’s the truth. (and maybe particularly while in the throes of first trimester “fun”, it is a bit more challenging?) but really, we’ve totally been DIVING in and the learning that is happening is quite incredible!! real learning, not regurgitated worksheet learning. i will elaborate with more detail soon.


3 Responses to “a little of this and that …”

  1. Life Says:

    So glad you have maternity clothes!!! It’s so good to celebrate the beautiful bodies YHWH has given us– and nice clothes are a lovely tool for that 🙂
    Keep on top of your protein every few hours. Hugs!

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