fabulous homeschool “investment”

September 24, 2010

maddie has been wanting a microscope since we started homeschooling last year. i put it off; the timing was never right, financially, when it came up.

this year, i decided to go for it and get one – a good one.  and i am SO glad that i did!

what a gift, to be able to look closely at GOD’s creation; to see the beautiful, infinitely small details hidden within everything around us. and what a gift for my daughter, who is a very visual learner, to see such treasures!

our first day with the microscope was spent having her read all the instructions; learn all the parts and functions as well as the care of this new piece of equipment. since then, we’ve looked at at least 2 “specimens” each day, and she records her observations in her science journal.

good stuff!

((ps, we are headed out of town for a long weekend at yachats, a lovely coastal resort town, to tuck away in our little cabin while enjoying family and the beauty of GOD’s creation. back next week!))


One Response to “fabulous homeschool “investment””

  1. Life Says:

    SO cool!!!
    We have a microscope and a telescope that we have to figure out how to clean… we’ll see. I have a ton of cabbage moths and their caterpillars you can come pick up for your specimens 😉

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