salmon adventure!

September 29, 2010

one of the greatest benefits of  homeschooling is the opportunity to plan creative, exciting, real-life learning field trips … often! what a gift to expand learning outside the confines of 4 walls. and what a joy to experience this with others!

last week, i planned a salmon learning day. my plans were modest at first: my sweet friend, tina, offered our group to come to her property, which sits on the river, and observe up close the salmon spawning. very cool, i thought! let’s do it. after discussion w/other homeschool mama’s, we decided that a stop at the local fish hatchery on our way out would provide some great learning (i had planned to do some research and teach the group before we went but how much better to learn from the experts!!).

i LOVE when modest plans morph in to fabulous, unexpected, abundant experiences! this was one of those times.

we arrived at the fish hatchery and the kids were thrilled by all the open “tanks” of fish they saw … then they figured out that they could get fish food and feed them. jackpot! they would have been happy if this were the extent of the field trip.

frenzy for fish food!

the fun had just begun. we went to another area of the fish hatchery, where (unbeknownst to me) the amazing staff were awaiting our arrival. they had something special planned for the kids! we were ushered in to a confined area, where crazy things happen with fish! bryan gave an incredible, thorough presentation … answering questions, allowing a lot of hands-on … overall, an extremely impactful experience for all of us. we walked away with very vivid memories (fish being ripped open and fish eggs being pulled out! huge ginormous fish! patterns and life cycle and spawning and eggs and males and females … everything salmon).

such great kids!

we left the fish hatchery and headed for tina’s home … not expecting to find this:

(tables set with flowers for us …on her sprawling lawn leading down to the river). we had sweet conversation, yummy packed lunches, and the kids (immediately) discovered this in her yard:

a tire swing - endless fun!

angie and annemarie =)

tina's bunny was a hit!

lori and zeke =)

next stop: tina walked us up to the bridge which overlooks their property … we could see the salmon in the river below. very cool.

waving over the bridge =)

we left the bridge and headed up the road …

is there anything more precious??

after the bridge, tina had another surprise in store: gorgeous waterfalls!

what a spectacular day!


One Response to “salmon adventure!”

  1. Grandma Says:

    Emily & Maddie, What a wonderful day you all had and so full of surprises and fun.
    You are indeed blessed with such a “field trip” I would say many adult would love such a day.
    Thank you for sharing. Love, Grandma

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