what do these things have in common? :)

October 12, 2010

  • mucho gusto.
  • taco bell.
  • senior sam’s.
  • bean burrito at a cafe in ashland.

i realized a couple of weeks ago that i had eaten out FOUR times that week … every time, mexican. =) give me some sour cream, cheese, beans, avocado, cilantro and i am GOOD TO GO!

the good news (after the shock of  realizing that i’d eaten out so much and needed to reign it in) is that i can satisfy this same craving at home, in a way that is nourishing and budget-friendly:

beans and rice.

oh ya! i put on a big pot of beans in the morning and let them cook all day; prepare some brown rice and then serve for dinner w/all the fixin’s. so cheap and good.


One Response to “what do these things have in common? :)”

  1. Life Says:

    Go, you! Remember to soak the beans & rice overnight before cooking them. Great job finding the good things your body & baby need 🙂

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