brilliant response

November 5, 2010

we were thrilled (maddie, especially) when a new family moved in across the way, where mylia had lived. and they have 2 kids: an 8 year old girl (tara), and her 10 year old brother (trent). tara and maddie get along so well and have become sweet playmates. i was able to bring a loaf of fresh pumpkin/chocolate chip bread to welcome the family, and the mom reciprocated with a delish loaf of zucchini/chocolate bread later in the week. so sweet.

the other night, maddie came inside to ask what a particular swear word meant.  lovely. where did she hear it, i asked? from  trent, the older brother who just moved in. i was ready to rip outside and offer a prompt reprimand, as i am SO troubled when garbage is introduced in to my daughter’s mind. AHH. i asked my hubby what he suggested and if he wanted to handle it. he did. 😉

i watched out the window as my kind hubby approached trent and asked to speak with him. clearly intimidated a bit, the boy walked up. mike then said, “trent, what is your father’s name?”  trent answered, “troy.” mike thanked him, and explained that trent was using words that we do not use around our daughter and are not acceptable; he explained his expectation that trent not do so again.

i was so impressed! the message sent was clear: i will speak to your father, should you do this again. but mike did not shame or embarrass him in the process of sending this message. emotions weren’t running high (for mike, at least!) – what a contrast to how i was feeling about the situation!


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