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November 17, 2010

:: first things first – i still haven’t felt baby move! i am 18 weeks, 4 days – wahoo!!! thanking GOD for each day that passes and baby grows. AND, i am really really wanting to feel this baby!!

:: our big ultrasound is next wednesday, the day before thanksgiving. i am so excited! we plan to announce our news (baby’s gender) at thanksgiving dinner, with the fam. =) i have no feeling either way, boy or girl … just really no idea.

:: this journey … pregnancy, joyfully awaiting this new baby … is as much maddie’s as mine, if that is possible. her joy and thoughts and wonderings and plans and excitement comes forth each day. she has written about, drawn about, dreamed about, talked constantly about this baby. what an amazing big sis she will be!!!

:: she continues to work really hard and made great strides on swim team. we are so proud of her. she’s dealt with some adversity, a huge learning curve, and pure physical overwhelm – and continues to press forward, and enjoy it! we (mike and i) have talked much lately about the benefit of her experiencing adversity – something we *know* as parents but i find it’s harder to “allow”. we had a very specific instance last week at swim that made a lasting impression on her and i, regarding quitting vs. persevering, and the consequences/benefits therein.

:: i found my pregnancy journal from my amazing pregnancy with madison. there was not a *single* word about worry/anxiety/fear, re: the precious life growing within. i LOVED being pregnant! i enjoyed it, thoroughly. it was SUCH a powerful testimony for me (how ironic is that?) and my final words in the journal have stuck with me: “ENJOY” i wrote, as words of wisdom to mama’s that are pregnant. and here i am … a mama that is expecting … struggling many days to simply ENJOY and rejoice in this gift, instead of feeling concern/uneasiness about any number of normal things my body may be experiencing.

:: we are beginning to study the civil war and all the issues involved – most specifically, slavery.  i am so grateful to have my hubby home, working right next to where we are learning … our discussions are so rich and honest. i am so thankful to be married to such a wise, insightful, tender, brilliant man! maddie’s innocence as she learns the great horrors of slavery is precious and refreshing. honest questions – “what is a negro?”, “am i considered black?”, “how could a person be SOLD?” and many more. hard, honest questions.

:: as i type this, mike is teaching maddie about the Good Samaritan … i can hear them in the other room. what a great word and lesson, as many times as we’ve heard it.

:: the weather has changed *dramatically* (read: cold, gray, dark early, gray). i totally think it has an impact on my energy and mood. i am trying to shift my perspective from – i hate these early dark nights! it’s so stinking dark and cold! to: let’s light some candles and enjoy some cozy time at home and maybe get to sleep earlier. =) right? hee hee

:: our homeschool co-op is soo awesome! we meet each friday and the time together, learning and just being together, is so rich and refreshing. here’s a pic from a field trip we took last week, to a local grocery store:

what a great group!


One Response to “recent tidbits …”

  1. Elise Says:

    My friend- you have so much to be thankful for! I am smiling so big right now, rejoicing with you in this pregnancy and time at home with your daughter and wonderful husband, your co-op- praise God!

    He is so very good.


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