our little entrepreneur :)

December 1, 2010

a few weeks ago, while taking a walk through our neighborhood, maddie and i noticed that there were several lawns buried under leaves. i told her about my memories of raking a neighbor’s lawn, earning maybe $5, thinking that was the greatest deal ever. =) i told her that some enterprising kid might advertise that they could rake lawns to earn a few bucks. she was sold! she wanted to go home and immediately create flyers to distribute – she was read to get started.

here is what we made …

we posted them on a few doors, and over the next few days, heard nothing. maddie expressed disappointment that no one had called.

and then sunday morning, a few weeks later, i got a call. a friendly voice told me he’d been out of town and upon returning, found a cute sign advertising raking, and was madison still interested?

umm, yes. =)

he then said that $5 was not enough as he had a lot of leaves and a big lawn; how about about $20? i think maddie jumped out of her skin in excitement! he told us he was leaving town again the next day and suggested we come over that afternoon to meet him and so he could pay me in advance (yes, you read that right. times like this, i *love* living in a small town. he gave me the money – i told him maddie wouldn’t get it until her work was done. how cool is that?!)

so, an update mid-week after the work has begun:

there are a *lot* of leaves. !! and i am not helping; my role is merely “supervisory”, giving instruction and suggestions, and then holding the bag open for her to scoop leaves in.  she is going to need to go over every day this week in order to get it finished. and she starts out with a bang – great energy, motivation, and a plan. i’m noticing that within minutes, the “fun” wears off and the difficulty of the work kicks in.  so, this is a good thing. she will finish, and finish well.


2 Responses to “our little entrepreneur :)”

  1. Meredith Says:

    What a great opportunity for Maddie though! And good exercise too!

  2. Heather Zavala Says:

    That’s great Em – maybe we could hire her next week for a while. We always have leaves and would love to encourage her! Let me know.

    Love ya

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