a fun follow-up …

December 22, 2010

there is such a cool “ending” to maddie’s leaf raking adventure!!

after 2+ weeks of raking, and work still left to be done (raking over rocks is quite time-consuming), we got a call from the wife of the man who “hired” madison. she effused about what an excellent job madison had done, how much more work it was than they had anticipated (she told me she’d counted over 50 bags of leaves at that point!), how impressed they were with her work ethic and the flyer she’d created (they scanned a copy and emailed to out-of-town nieces and nephews to give them an idea), that they feel like her work is done and she’s done more than they expected and doesn’t need to finish, and then … she said they want to pay her MORE in appreciation!

needless to say, maddie was absolutely ecstatic. her work was done AND she gets more money?? (keep in mind, the $20 she was initially paid seemed like a *jackpot* to her).

what a wonderful lesson and experience for my girl … =)


One Response to “a fun follow-up …”

  1. Jessica Krohn Says:

    I love it! I’m so glad it worked out this way, I had hoped that it might. Good job Momma and Maddie!

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