December 22, 2010

i always read about pregnancy bringing with it the raging hormones and emotional roller coaster … but honestly, i couldn’t remember feeling that way much from my pregnancy with madison (it’s been so long and i can’t remember?!) and didn’t think it would necessarily pertain to me.

boy, was i wrong.

i told my hubby today that I can barely stand being around me – i am driving myself crazy! honestly, the rapid up and downs of such *intense* emotions feels pretty foreign. and i am a passionate, emotional woman; experiencing feelings deeply is nothing new for me. but this feels different. i can go from feeling just this sickening frustration to this overwhelming gratitude and warmth, in no time.

and the crying? what is up with all these tears? for the SILLIEST things?!

bottom line: i recognize that this is pregnancy-related. but that doesn’t excuse all of it and i am really trying to implement strategies that do not involve responding/reacting to my precious family in ways that are just not ok. i am so thankful for the deep, honest, real communication that my hubby and i share; and yet, i can’t just pour this all out on him. as i’ve written about before, he is not my need-meeter. but oh how needy i am feeling these days. ah.


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