bleck =(

December 27, 2010

…the nighttime wheezing and rattling chest from last week has progressed to a daytime cough that sounds like it’s coming from a cavern deep in the hills. oh my word. i am pretty impatient with being “sick” and tend to overdo it, trying to be “normal” as much as possible. but, that strategy is not working so well now … perhaps with pregnancy, my overall strength and immunity is a little compromised?

after many cups of nettles tea, warm baths, and my nightly inhaler puffs … i’ve decided to see a doctor. (i am generally loathe to do this as the outcome is often a prescription for antibiotics, which i think are greatly overprescribed). that said, i read something this weekend about asthma/breathing issues impacting an unborn baby similar to if i were a smoker – the oxygen availability is compromised.

so, i will see the doctor tomorrow. for right now, i am sipping this, which my precious hubby just concocted for me. it’s not bad!

(i will be back here soon to post on a yummy gluten-free banana pancake recipe i just made that was delicious! and, we have some sweet christmas pics).

blessings to all!


3 Responses to “bleck =(”

  1. jani Says:

    I’m going to make this for my DH tonight… he’s driving me nuts with his cough!

  2. Meredith Says:

    Hope you feel better friend–I have heard the same thing in regards to asthma while pregnant. That was the whole basis for the decision for me to continue with allergy shots when I was pregnant.

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