moments and snippets …

January 9, 2011

life has been full … i have been feeling blessed and challenged and stretched in recent weeks. above all, GOD is good and He is sovereign. it can be too easy to get lost in the details of daily life; to focus my mind on temporal things; but when i look UP and look around, i see His hand and sit, amazed. thank you, Father.

a few nuggets:

:: we have a date for the arrival of our son:  APRIL 7, 12:30 pm! totally surreal and amazing. and the coolest thing? it’s not that far away! 3 months … home stretch. HOORAY!  (( i’d been having some contractions early this week that, to His glory, didn’t have me worried, but i wanted to be wise so eventually called my dr. after prescribing a med to stop the contractions – ! – i went in and he checked me out. my cervix looks great – not dilated! – and baby is up high. all is well. we discussed the many reasons for braxton hicks contractions and as i shared with my dr, if they are not indicative of labor but are simply how my body is doing pregnancy, i am totally ok with having the contractions. i do think that because this baby is SO active, his kicks and punches may be ‘irritating’ my uterus a bit – not a problem)).

:: provision continues to come for us in abundant, amazing ways. God is so faithful to meet our needs each month.

:: mike is working on a super exciting project – can’t wait to be able to update with details, soon!

:: one of our best friends is getting married and moving to texas this month … we will really miss you, O. he’s been family and will be so missed.

:: my bff jaina sent another “batch” of gifts for this baby … this time, via my amazing cousin aaron, who stopped at her orange county home on his drive up to oregon over the holidays. the abundance of her gift is really impossible to capture here, but let me try … 5 BAGS of baby clothes. and honestly, the most darling, incredible clothes you’ve ever seen. maddie might have been more excited than me, if that’s possible! she wanted to keep looking thru them, creating “outfits”, picking out our favorites. i feel soo thankful. here are some pics of us going thru some of the bags that first night, christmas day, at my aunt’s house …

:: our 3rd bedroom is piled with bags and baby items … i can hardly walk in there. i am waiting for that “nesting” instinct to kick in but it hasn’t! yet i *know* i need to get organized, so my goal is to tackle that room in the next couple weeks. my mom and my girlfriend, ernestine, have volunteered to come help. i have a vision of it set up and ready for baby, but it’s gonna be a bit of work to make that vision a reality!!

:: suddenly, i am feeling *big*. sleeping is getting hard … i am uncomfortable and wake many times during the night (my body preparing for waking with baby?). and like i mentioned, he is SO active! yay.

:: we’ve narrowed it to 2 names … JOSIAH MICHAEL or ELIJAH MICHAEL.  we love BOTH.  and the meanings of the names are pretty incredible … josiah, “the LORD heals.” AMEN.  elijah means, “the LORD is my God.” YES.


8 Responses to “moments and snippets …”

  1. liz Says:

    Just two things. An OB mentioned to me once that getting a bit dehydrated increases Braxton Hicks contractions, and when I paid attention to that I did notice a difference, so thought I’d pass it on. And, I think maybe you can’t decide between your names because you need the other one for your NEXT boy — at least I hope that’s true 🙂 What a sweet time — so thrilled for you.

  2. jani Says:

    We used Josiah for our first son.. because of who he was in the OT. May he always be strong to follow God.

  3. Meredith Says:

    I still have a big honking u-shaped pregnancy pillow if you want to borrow it…it was a lifesaver towards the end for me!

    LOVE both the name choices!

  4. Congratulations! I agree about the contractions… I have four kids, and with each one, if I stopped drinking my water, the contractions increased. Best wishes & God Bless!

  5. Krystle Says:

    Any time you feel ‘big’ just look at my pics 🙂 🙂 So excited for you Emily!

  6. Krystle Says:

    Oh, and I’m loving Josiah…mostly for that meaning! Hello girl, can you say AMEN!!!

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