christmas card dilemma

January 22, 2011

this year, i made the wrenching decision to throw away all the fabulous christmas card/pictures/letters that we received.  for some background: i am so sentimental and have the hardest time throwing things away. case in point: i spent some time clearing out our 3rd bedroom (aka, baby’s room!) this week and came across a bag of christmas cards that were about 5 years old … stashed in the closet, with a zillion other bags and “treasures”, taking up space.  i totally loved looking through those cards and pictures, amazed at how my friends and family’s lives have changed.

that said,  in a moment of cleaning frenzy this week, i decided to be practical (what to do with the cards if i keep them, anyway??). i swallowed hard and threw them away.

last night, maddie asked me where are the christmas cards and pictures?

“i threw them away.”

“you threw them away, mama?!”

at this point, my hubby looked up, face aghast, and said, “you threw them all away??!”

OH MY WORD. this absolutely compounded the fact that i am ultra sentimental and apparently, in my *one* moment of decisive clean-up, committed the fatal error of throwing away the *wrong* things.

my hubby noted that maddie, being an artist, could have used portions of the cards for her artwork; we could have created some montage of pictures, etc etc. maddie had ideas about what should have been done as well.

i am dying to know – how does everyone else handle this dilemma each year?? do ya’ll keep your cards and have noble and admirable uses for them?! do share.


2 Responses to “christmas card dilemma”

  1. Meredith Says:

    I have a (big) shoe box that I have tossed all different cards, mementos, and such in for years. As far as Christmas cards go, if it is something really special (a pregnancy announcement or such) on the Christmas card, I toss it in the box.

    For photo cards of close friends and family, I cut out the picture and stick it on the fridge. Everything else I usually toss.

    I have seen people do really cool scrapbook pages, but I never seem to scrapbook so I don’t. Maybe from next year on, it could be Maddie’s responsibility to make a scrapbook page of the cards?

  2. jani Says:

    I’ve used parts of them as the gift tags another year.
    Some of ours are hand made and so special, I just use them to make the place look festive for Christmas… another decoration. We don’t get tons so it’s not a big deal to save them. I’m like you though… love to save stuff and then look through it later. So many memories.

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