team Green =)

January 26, 2011

a few months ago, hubby and i were talking about our local homeschooling community, and about various learning opportunities for our kids. i had a light bulb moment: mike should teach a workshop to local kids, covering any number of subjects about which he is so knowledgeable (my hubby is one of the smartest people i’ve ever known, truly). what a gift for the kids he could teach, and what a joy for him. he has a love for children and youth, even being awarded san diego county’s leadership award years ago for a program he created for at-risk youth (a man after my own heart!). he is such a gifted mentor, teacher, and encourager.

so, after some brainstorming, we decided he’d offer a “youth journalism” workshop, meeting once a week for 4 weeks. we had a great response, and the final class was yesterday. what a great experience! mike was just effusing about how much the kids learned; about what an amazingly bright group of students who became editing experts. =) he remarked that the students would put to shame some of the students in comparable college classes. what a statement about our local homeschoolers – hooray!

each week before mike’s class, our little family would go together to the meeting room … maddie became the setting-up PRO! she truly enjoyed being her dad’s  ‘assistant’, and we all looked forward to this each week. one of my friends asked if we were there the first week just to collect tuition – funny thing is, that piece of it hadn’t occurred to me! our little family is just a team, team Green =), and we enjoy participating together in the learning and projects and activities in our lives.  i am so thankful for this unity and joy that we experience, together.

yetsterday, at the end of the workshop =)


One Response to “team Green =)”

  1. Jessica Krohn Says:


    I just thought that I would add that my son Regan, who previously dreaded every writing assignment ever given to him, came home from his last class yesterday just beaming about how he had loved this Journalism class and was hoping that Mike will do another class soon. He followed it up by saying, “Mom, if Mike does another class, can I go?”

    And the best part was that one of our very best friends (who has always been supportive of our choice to homeschool but I’m pretty sure doesn’t really agree) was sitting on our living room couch asking my husband and I to review his college level writing class paper before he turned it in. Then here comes Regan talking about his wonderful journalism class and describing what he and the other kids had accomplished in 4 classes! I was so proud….and my son is 13!

    So….thank you to ‘TEEM GREEN’ for giving your time, energy, and skills to make this class happen!

    (PS ~ Of course you were there for more than just taking tuition….you have an amazing family that works well as a team….I don’t know what I was thinking. *smile*)

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