almost 32 weeks … with ultrasound!

February 16, 2011

we got a “bonus” ultrasound with my ob appt today! the office called yesterday, saying the dr. wanted an ultrasound w/my regular appointment today. of course (unfortunately) i went to a place of concern … why, suddenly, this request? is something wrong? but i determined to be excited, and could hardly help it with maddie’s glee about getting to see her brother!!

so here’s the scoop: i’ve been measuring BIG. apparently, when he measured my uterus the past 2 appts, i have measured a couple weeks ahead of my date (ie, at 29 weeks, my uterus was measuring 31 weeks). the *amazing*, fabulous, thorough, kind ultrasound tech explained that doing an ultrasound in this circumstance is very common, and the goal is simply to look inside and see if the baby is measuring consistently with what they are measuring “outside” on my uterus.

SO, he is BIG BOY! we were all 3 there and got to see little man … he is totally perfect.

:: he is head down, and both the tech and the dr say in all likelihood, he’ll stay that way (interestingly, even though i’m having a csection, the dr said it is beneficial for him to be head down).

:: he is measuring about 33 1/2 weeks!! ( i am 31 weeks, 6 days).

:: he weighs about 4 lbs, 10 oz!!!!

:: all measurements looked great … she checked my fluid levels (great), all his organs, everything excellent.

:: i have gained 26 lbs total … i am glad about that. with maddie, i gained … A LOT (60, i think!?)

:: he is on track to be a big baby (maddie was 10 lbs); the dr seemed somewhat concerned about this,  saying if i were having a vaginal birth we might consider  earlier intervention (don’t get me started on this one – inducing labor super early for convenience or because, oh no, baby is getting “too big”). 

:: all my other “stats” were great, including the results from my (torturous) 3 hour glucose fasting tests. he said my glucose numbers were actually “ideal.”

:: we get another ultrasound in 4 weeks!! we are perfectly fine with the doctor needing to check his growth, “make sure” he’s not getting too big, etc … because it means we get to peek inside at little man again! yippee.

:: so funny: this morning, maddie commented that it would be crazy if the ultrasound showed us that he is really a “she”! but the tech confirmed, as did the pictures, that he is very much a boy!

now, check out his delicious face!!!!  the bottom picture is more clear, and you can see his hand over his face.

oh my word!! he is so perfect!


5 Responses to “almost 32 weeks … with ultrasound!”

  1. Life Says:

    Handsome, healthy little man 🙂 Love it that he’s in the position you were thinking, too– smart Mamma, and smart baby 🙂

  2. Jessica Says:

    So wonderful to hear about your beautiful son!

  3. Meredith Says:

    So cool to know what position he’s in, and to be able to connect the movements with “hand”, “foot”, etc!

  4. Von Says:

    CONGRATS on ‘little man’…that is soooo cute. so glad to hear all is well. Say hi to Maddie and Mike for us.

  5. Grandma Says:

    such a sweet little face and we can’t wait to hold him. What a miracle! Love Grandma & Papa

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