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February 25, 2011

the timing of this link on affirming our men was pretty awesome. i love what she shares, and i particularly appreciate her quote from gary thomas (author of my all-time favorite book, “sacred marriage”).

last weekend was our anniversary … and it was such a SWEET time with my man. he is a gift; our marriage is an abundant blessing that we believe God bestowed after difficult decisions of obedience were made, separately … long before we married.  six years later, most days i am struck that i am MARRIED to this man – to my dream guy, really. thank you, LORD. 

that said, i can still get caught up in the details of daily stuff that involve my expectations (that may go unmet). i can struggle with that battle in my mind, feeling frustration or bitterness toward my man in the face of a particular circumstance or situation. and so, in my journaling the day after our anniversary, i wrote something along the lines of … remember how MUCH he loves you, emily. you are so loved by your husband! remember this in the silly moments of needless irritation, that are inevitable in being married to a sinner (and being one myself).

he soaked me in his love on our anniversary. it started by waking to see that i had perhaps one hundred emails sent by him – emails spanning years of our relationship, to each other, from others’, that capture some of our story. he had stayed up super late the night before, reading and remembering and looking at our wedding pictures. my beloved! the last email that he sent in the big batch, was a sweet love note, commenting on how we can see God’s blessing and hand in our life. yes!

that morning, he and maddie went to get donuts, a paper, and came home with beautiful roses for me … then we watched the slideshow of our wedding pictures.and that evening, mom watched maddie and we had a great date, talking over dinner about our “story”, the early memories and highlights.

and speaking of blessing and provision, this post is a must read. her comment, “what if we believed in the deep places, in the darkest recesses, that He always provided – and not just barely, but abundantly?” is riveting.

again, the timing of reading this post is right on. we’ve experienced provision in miraculous ways, again in recent weeks. again! He ALWAYS provides. in our daily bible learning time, madison and i just read about the plagues done in egypt (for GOD to show His mighty power, that it might be told for generations). and this week, we read about the daily provision of manna. daily. just enough. without need to store up, figure out, plan ahead. because HE IS IN CONTROL, and He always provides.


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