sweet words from our girl …

March 2, 2011

last night after dinner, we were having a funny conversation about the kitchen chores done by me and my hubby when we were growing up. my hubby had a very strict kitchen cleaning protocol after each meal, which is still evident in his incredible attention to detail when he cleans. me … not so much! i am a move-fast-get-a-lot-done-and-worry-not-about-the-small-crumbs, kind of girl. 😉

anyhoo, we talked about maddie growing up … becoming a wife and mom and assuming responsibility for all the chores. she joked that her husband would do it, in response to whatever scenario mike posed. essentially, she painted a picture of the impossibly perfect hubby who would do everything for her.

mike laughed, “good luck finding him!”

she looked at him and said, “i already have … you.”

SO PRECIOUS! she so loves her dad and i love that she sees him as a picture of that wonderful husband.


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