36 week update!

March 18, 2011

we went in today for our 36 week appointment, and got a BONUS ultrasound! it was pretty indescribable – seeing this perfect, large, amazing baby growing within. and when the ultrasound tech did the 3D images, focusing on his face – that was wild! we watched as he yawned, moved his mouth, and stuck out his tongue!


he is weighing at about 7 lb! his growth is right on track, measuring at or above 36 weeks (except his upper leg bone, measuring over 38 weeks!). she said his head is pressing right on my cervix and she said it looked like i’ve dropped.

mike, maddie and i laughed and smiled as we watched our little boy moving (a TON) within. what an experience.

other than that, i met quickly w/the ob, who did a check of my cervix (no real change), had me sign consent forms for the csection, and talked briefly about upcoming appointments.


he is so precious! and check out that tongue!


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