odds and ends …

March 23, 2011

i am sitting in josiah’s room … the sun is streaming in the windows … sounds of spring are coming in the window. i love this room! it makes me happy being in here. and, it feels so good to have it *ready*; we finally got a dresser (a blessing!) and i finished yesterday getting things put away in the drawers and organized in the closet.  i have a few final details to take care of: need to figure out how to use the moby wrap, adjust and fit the baby bjorn, and get our fabulous car seat installed and ready.

i had my ob appt this morning and feel good about (finally) discussing with the doctor, some details re: the protocols post-delivery for josiah. shots, ointments, etc … we want to be mindful and proactive about our choices.  he didn’t check my cervix today and said he won’t be unless circumstances dictate (ie, i have increased contrax, pressure, etc). i am measuring 37 weeks, and have gained 32 lbs. for now, we have our date set … SIXTEEN DAYS AWAY! wild. surreal. incredible. i am SO ready.

one of my dearest, sister-friends is walking through such a difficult season right now with a devastating health diagnosis recently given to her husband, and a subsequent surgery this past weekend. they’ve been surrounded by faithful friends, petitioning and praying for healing.  it was an honor to be with her during the surgery, joined by other friends, praying continually. i was reminded this weekend of the “silver lining” of these times: we turn our minds and hearts to GOD, to our Healer; we seek His face desperately and isn’t that a good thing?? as i prayed, i was overcome by the realization that we have a Father Who hears our prayers … we have the awesome privilege of praying to the One who can heal, change, redeem, radically alter. let me not take this for granted.

speaking of redeeming, we had a sweet time sunday enjoying a purim celebration with our dear friends. maddie was SO excited for the dressing-up part and spent much time figuring out her beautiful outfit to be queen esther. 🙂 girls truly love feeling beautiful! the kids had a great time, dressed up, making masks, finding hidden treasures, and playing in this very cool cardboard house.  we enjoyed a delicious dinner and sweet fellowship with our good friends.

here are a few pics …

mama shawnna dishing up a delicious dinner for the kiddos!

maddie and sweet ember ... she looks at maddie adoringly, calling her "mallie"

maddie, ember, haven and jarred


2 Responses to “odds and ends …”

  1. Life Says:

    May we be granted vision to see His redemption as it continually comes.
    So thankful for you & your family!

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