ONE week

March 31, 2011

one week from today, i will be meeting my baby boy.

7 days.

it’s almost too much to wrap my mind around: the life-changing, beyond-amazing, incomprehensible experience of this precious angel, coming in to the world and in to my arms. i am SO ready!

we’ve been in countdown mode and i want to – as usual! – fast forward the days. but they are flying by anyway.  i have moments of energy and feeling really good physically; i also am hit with overwhelming fatigue several times throughout the day as well as increasing physical discomfort and at times, pain. sunday night we were timing contractions and thought it might be the night … but then they peetered out. 

josiah’s movements continue to be BIG and frequent and occasionally cause me to sort of wince … yowch … burrowing his head way down?! or a kick that stops me in my tracks.  maddie and i are endlessly entertained by watching my tummy … sometimes the big waves and wiggles are so pronounced you just laugh in amazement.  and then there’s the other end of the spectrum: when my normally super active boy will decide to be very still and mama will go in to default worry mode and try to prod and wiggle to get some movement. ahh. i hate the worry.

we have some sweet things planned in the coming few days … a lunch and shopping date with my grandma, some prayer time with dear friends, and a mani/pedi next week!

thank you, LORD, for this gift … of life. let me remain in You and abide in Your peace over this coming week, knowing You have good plans.


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