sunshine, sweetness and spoiling

April 2, 2011

today was one of those totally lovely, sunshine-y, blessed days.

my beloved grandma and precious aunt nancy picked me and maddie up for a girls’ lunch and shopping trip.

hello, belly!!!

nancy and grandma came over bearing gifts for me and maddie … the girlie, spoiling, just-what-i’ve-wanted kind of gifts!

the perfect nursing tank top from nancy!!

grandma checking out the treats from nancy ...


maddie got a fun new shirt - grandma knows her so well!

they were excited to see josiah's room ... and feel the fuzzy blanket lori made!


after this, we went out to lunch at bambu –  a super yummy, fancy-ish, asian-inspired restaurant. then, grandma took us to the mall, where she spoiled me with the things i’ve been wanting so badly in preparation for josiah’s arrival (a cozy soft nursing jammies/robe set, 2 nursing bras, panties). i felt humbled and blessed by her generosity.

oh, and speaking of generosity! when they arrived, grandma brought in a roasted chicken and bread she had picked up on her way over from costco … for our family to enjoy later. as us gals sat at lunch, she said she couldn’t bear the thought of my hubby at home, smelling that chicken, and not eating it … so she insisted i call and let him know to go ahead and dig in! she is forever thoughtful and generous.


One Response to “sunshine, sweetness and spoiling”

  1. Oh how I love your Grandma and Aunt Nancy!

    Such a WONDERFUL blessing!

    Yay for family and special gifts of love and nurture!

    I give this day two thumbs up. (Now I sound like a movie critic…ha!)

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