thursday craft time – a link

April 10, 2011

(( … popping in here after a delicious and delirious week with precious josiah michael! he is a joy beyond words; pure innocence and sweetness. he definitely has his nights and days mixed up – last night he was wide-eyed and adorable from about 1-4am! meanwhile, during a visit with family here yesterday, he was sleeping so soundly, like a limp doll! i am *trying* to rest when he does but i am finding that i just really have a hard time napping – even now, i should be resting as he sleeps but my mind races and i have a hard time falling asleep. i think also that the shift (plunge!) in hormones has been playing with my emotions – the other night, i cried  as i watched maddie play outside … my girl, growing up, and i am missing her this week as i’ve been absorbed with josiah.  trying to remember that this is all normal … and SO thankful for the gift of this most precious son. thank you, LORD. ))

here is a link about an incredible gift that maddie has been experiencing every thursday:


One Response to “thursday craft time – a link”

  1. That is so neat that your daughter has been able to spend time with your friend making crafts! Congrats on your new baby 🙂 I always get so excited with my new babies, then I get exhausted and cranky, then I can’t wait for them to be old enough to sleep through the night so I can sleep too! Then, after they have been sleeping through the night for about a month, I miss those sweet moments in the middle of the night, when it is just the two of you, and he stares into your eyes as if you are the only thing in the world that matters. Lol, I think I have a bit of “baby fever” going on 🙂

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