fat free – gross!!

April 27, 2011

my hubby and daughter have been doing the grocery shopping since josiah was born … and they’ve done a wonderful job!  it’s been so nice, having a break from the dreaded mega-shop grocery trips.

on their last shopping trip, they picked up some “half and half”, which was on my list. except, they got FAT FREE half and half.

the ingredients list? full of CRAP! “corn syrup solids”, for starters. and then other fake ingredients, in order to compensate for the lack of flavor from the missing (necessary!) fat.

how is this better for our bodies?? replacing real food (fat) with artificial ingredients, that our bodies don’t recognize? i don’t think so. i am convinced that real food is nearly always preferable for our bodies.

i’ll stick with my full fat, organic half and half any day of the week. 😉


3 Responses to “fat free – gross!!”

  1. Yum! (Please note the sarcasm!) Isn’t the whole point of half and half that it is half milk and half cream (fat!!)? Lol, some people will eat anything 🙂

  2. Brook Prescott Says:

    So funny! I also stay far away from the fat free/low fat junk! My in-laws are always appalled when they come to our house. They bring their own “butter spray” that they pour on everything. Gag!

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