full circle

May 9, 2011

this weekend, the coolest thing happened: i sat on the front porch of where me and mike got married, breastfeeding josiah. pretty amazing!

we got married in the historic turner house in jacksonville, oregon (built in 1867). it was called the “little white chapel” and was an idyllic setting for our intimate wedding 6 years ago.

here are a few pictures taken on our wedding day:

saturday, the ladies in my fam met for a fun girls’ day in jacksonville. when it was time to feed josiah, we just happened to be walking right past the little white chapel … which, today, is on the market for sale (oh, how i’d love to live there!).  since it sits empty, i decided that stopping to feed my little lovebug on that front porch would be just the thing to do :0). and it was.

my aunt leaned over to josiah and said, “josiah, this is where it all began!”


5 Responses to “full circle”

  1. Krystle Says:

    Love this!!!

  2. Heather Says:

    ahhhhhhh, love it friend! God is so amazing! Hope you are well

  3. jaw123456 Says:

    Precious memories!

  4. “This is where it all began.”

    What sweet words from Auntie, it made me a little teary (that’s happening a lot lately) just to imagine how on that day when you and Mike vowed to be in God’s covenant marriage together….God knew this day would come, all these years later….and sweet Baby Josiah would smile and coo and nurse in the spot where God Blessed your union … how sweet and perfect!

    It’s like God was sending you a message in a moment saying, “See my love, I knew all the time….I have this for you and more. I am your Father and I delight in you!”

    I love you and your sweet growing family.

    This story was heartwarming and special because it reminded me that God doesn’t forget, or make mistakes. All in His perfect timing!

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