odds and ends …

May 13, 2011

:: i am feeling closer to “normal”! i just took josiah for a walk … the weather is perfectly spring-y, and i felt GOOD. thank GOD! i had my follow-up dr appt today and he “cleared me” for exercise, shagging, and what-have-you.  (not his words exactly).

:: josiah is developing a rhythm and there is some structure coming together, and it feels *good*. he is pretty consistently feeding every 3 hours, which was my goal and has happened much more easily than i expected. after he feeds, he typically has some happy (delicious, darling) awake time, for maybe 1/2 hour to an hour. then he becomes obviously tired. this is where things aren’t exactly as i’d love them – he still prefers some “help” transitioning to sleep, and currently that looks like me, swaddling him up, tucking his pacifier in his mouth, and rocking him (either in a chair or standing up). this is where it gets sticky: once asleep, he almost always wakes, when he is clearly not ready to be awake. he doesn’t like being swaddled up to sleep and usually fights out of it. yesterday, i broke the “law” and laid him on his tummy, head turned to the side, booty up … and he stayed asleep and happy for a long nap.

:: i think i gained 30-35 lbs being pregnant, and lost 20-25 in the first couple of weeks. that was a huge, unexpected relief. now, these lingering extra lbs … ugh. it feels good to at least *know* what is needed to lose weight (for me, clean eating = no sugar, few if any carbs, lots of good protein and veggies). when to start being focused on it? it feels a bit soon to be in “diet mode”, especially while breastfeeding so much. maybe i’ll start by just being more conscientious of making mostly good food choices (what a novel idea!).

:: homeschooling has been rough these past couple of weeks. and we’d been in SUCH a sweet place for so long! i had actually drafted a blog post about all that was going well w/homeschooling and then … ugh. i think it’s a combo of my (paltry) motivation level + feeling inadequate as a teacher + end of the year + having just had a baby. fun combo. we have some specific goals to wrap up the year, including double time on math to get her ready for S.A.T. tests in june. we will be continuing w/learning over the summer, just haven’t figured out what specifically. and, as my wise hubby always reminds me, ALL of life is learning. i can get so wrapped up inside the “box” of education …

:: i tried a delightful recipe for a marinade/sauce tonight – YUM! in the food processor, i mixed a whole peeled ginger, some cilantro, green onions, rice vinegar, sugar, salt, olive oil (recipe here). i baked some plain chicken tenders, some short grain brown rice, and poured this dressing over the top once everything was cooked. SO good.

:: random and yet apropo closing thought: my ob/gyn told me today that ongoing, interrupted sleep at night (even if the total amount of sleep seems adequate) is much more impactful than getting 5 hours uninterrupted. i have not slept more than a few hours straight in … almost 6 weeks. *smile* i am tired. but good, and grateful. and tired. lol.


2 Responses to “odds and ends …”

  1. Meredith Says:

    Yay for settling into a routine!

    Also, the uninterrupted sleep thing makes total sense to me–I can remember on several occasions wondering why I was so EXHAUSTED when I was getting (total) more sleep than I ever did in college…but it was rarely uninterrupted for more than an hour at a time! Soooo much more exhausting!

  2. Life Says:

    Yes, you do have a good, wise hubby, and a good girl, and you are a good mamma & good teacher. The good life experiences that your Good Designer is giving all of you right now are the perfect training for her right at this point in her life. Breathe in the goodness; exhale the guilt.

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