happy 6 weeks, josiah!

May 16, 2011

my little love bug was 6 weeks on saturday. he is growing so much! he’s officially out of newborn sizes. he is getting so squishy and delicious! he is *SO* close to smiling (this morning, i do believe he gave mama a real grin!); he is making those cooing sounds and gets excited, pumping his legs and arms, “talking”.  as i said in my last post, he is doing great with his sleeping/feeding/awake routine, which feels awesome. nighttimes are another story but that is my next goal. *wink*  he loves laying on the flat “play gym” thing, looking up and around happily.  he loves walks. he continues to be a champ breast feeder, although there will be those mysterious times where he is squirmy and seems almost agitated (milk coming too fast? too slow? bad taste?).  maddie is the best.big.sister.EVER. oh my. she has such instincts with him, eager to offer to hold him when he is fussy, change his diapers, etc. and speaking of diaper changes: dad is the best at these. he and josiah can be heard talking, laughing, playing … for several minutes, when dad is on diaper duty. 😉

hubby said he's doing a bench press here =)


2 Responses to “happy 6 weeks, josiah!”

  1. Meredith Says:

    He has already grown so much! I can really see some personality in these! Love it!

  2. Life Says:

    So big, and so tiny, and so buff! good work, Mamma– he looks great!

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