big changes

May 25, 2011

i have known for some time that i *needed* to make some big, foundational changes in the food that we eat. maddie has a stubborn health issue that, at its core, is a systemic issue that cannot be healed separate from radical food changes.  i know this.

i’ve struggled with this so deeply; why is it so hard to make these changes??  why can’t i do what needs to be done for my family?? as the one who does all the meal planning and preparation, the responsibility falls on me. my family will eat what i have available and what i prepare – what a burden, gift and responsibility!

the reason big changes have been hard? i’ve realized that i have prioritized comfort and happiness in the moment, with healing in the long term.  my new mantra: healing over feelings.

because we are *desperate* for healing. after one particularly heart-breaking night with my girl, dealing with the physical and emotional pain of this health issue, i knew: IT IS TIME.   i have researched my tail off and have been challenged/convicted/encouraged/informed to such a great degree. for some time, i have  kept coming back to the GAPS protocol, knowing it would be a good path for our family.

so, here’s what we are doing:

effective 5/24, we eliminated: sugar, honey (and all other sweeteners, except stevia); all wheat and gluten products; all processed foods; all fruits and high carb veggies.

we are eating: a wide variety of veggies; fish and meats; oats; coconut milk; quinoa and brown rice; seeds; and pretty much everything else that isn’t on the list above. 🙂

(we will be adding fruits back shortly but are eliminating for now, in order to kill potential candida fungus).

we are also adding: cod liver oil (already been doing it); vitamin c in big doses; a probiotic; and lots of garlic (anti-fungal).

i have sort of “combined” some components of GAPS, anti-candida cleansing, and other “diets” (paleo, atkins, you name it). i believe maddie’s body has been highly inflamed due to excess sugar consumption which has been a barrier to healing.  maddie has food allergies (nuts and dairy, plus eggs showed up again) so those aren’t an option (for many of these diets, ie GAPS, there is a big emphasis on eating nuts, eggs, etc … so i am having to modify).

we are believing for healing and for restored health!! i am so proud of my girl: no complaints at all so far. she has tried to “negotiate” some disallowed food items (the frozen meatballs that have wheat) but has readily accepted my “no.”   i am praying that GOD blesses her exceedingly, abundantly and that He gives me strength and determination to stay on this path as long as needed.


6 Responses to “big changes”

  1. liz Says:

    That sounds so hard! A good mantra is “I can do hard things.” Hope that helps you as it has me. And I hope the diet has the desired effect — chronic health problems are so frustrating. Prayers for healing.

  2. jani Says:

    Yogurt and cheese are allowed?

    • home2learn Says:

      hi jani, i am doing yogurt and cheese when i have them on hand. maddie isn’t due to her allergies. because i am breastfeeding, i don’t want to lose a lot of weight, quickly, and so am giving myself grace to have some flexibility, with the exception of the wheat/gluten/refined sugars. 😉

  3. Meredith Says:

    Wow, that does sound hard! But hopefully as Maddie starts to feel better, it will be a good affirmation that this is worth it!

  4. jaw123456 Says:

    Big changes! Way to go Emily! I am looking forward to hearing more about your family’s journey and Maddie’s healing. These changes can be daunting, and they are doable. Thank you for the encouragement!

  5. Life Says:

    So proud of you, Emily– I’ve been there, and I’ve seen the miracles. May our Designer bless you with the path of life and healing that He has for you & your family.

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