meals for a mama

May 25, 2011

one of the most potent, impactful experiences of being loved and blessed, came in the form of meals being brought to our family in the weeks following josiah’s birth.   

it was love in action; help at my point of need, for 3 weeks. the thought of preparing food, of figuring out ‘what’s for dinner’, was so inconceivable to me in those early weeks. i couldn’t even go there as i was in a fog of sleepless baby wonder. food preparation? you gotta be kidding me. and so, to have the doorbell ring every evening; to see the face of one of my precious friends or family; and then to receive a delicious meal … it was overwhelming.  (maddie shared with me that she loved having “visitors” every night!)

i have loved being on the “other end” of this idea and had never really  understood how *much* it meant, to receive the gift of love (in the form of food!). now i know, and i am more eager than ever to ensure that other new mama’s experience this.

((thank you, my dear friend jessica, for the enormous task of organizing this! and for creating the coolest email image *ever!*)) 


3 Responses to “meals for a mama”

  1. It was my amazing pleasure to play a part in extending love to you and your family! I know that my time and opportunity to be with you is ticking away and I’m so glad I was here for the Birth of your beautiful son!

  2. Tika Says:

    What a special gift, Emily! I, too, had been on the other end of this, but never experienced it myself:) (Let’s just say that “where I come from…” it’s unheard of! So sad!)
    I hope you’re finding a rhythm you can all dance to! ♥ See you soon:)

  3. […] of my best meal inspiration for taking dinner came when i was the blessed recipient of 3 weeks of meals brought to my family after i had josiah! i still cannot describe adequately how unbelievably wonderful that was. the […]

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