odds and ends …

May 31, 2011

:: healthy eating update: we are still gluten-free, which is *great*. we did start eating fruits again this weekend, and (unfortunately), some sugar, too.  no noticeable changes yet, but we are pressing on.  (i have also lost a few lbs and – let’s be honest – that feels great).

:: we had a fun time w/the fam at grandma’s for memorial day yesterday.  my uncle jerry and aunt tina came down from seattle – always great to see them.  i had a major “first” yesterday: i left josiah! for an hour! ahh. mike was taking maddie down to the river and the boatnik festivities (for non-locals, it’s a carnival held over memorial day, which includes jetboat races). i had no plans to go but as they were leaving i think my mom asked if i wanted to go and i thought … yeah, i actually do. josiah had eaten 1 hour prior so i knew i had at least 1 hour, but really 2, before he would be hungry again. so i went for it! it was like “old times” – the 3 of us. here are a few pics …

and back at grandma’s …

grandma lovin on mike ..

uncle jerry was so sweet with josiah, talking to him ...

((and josiah was fine! he woke once, and my mom quickly soothed him back to sleep. when we returned, she was rocking a sleeping baby in the living room. all was good))

:: the weather has been blah … raining, cold, dreary. i really think it affects my mood and is a part of the “funk” i’ve been dealing with the past week (just keepin it real). i also feel like i’ve had a hormonal crash, coupled with the lovely cocktail of: stay-at-home mom/feeling unattractive/being mostly home all week/struggling through homeschooling at times/missing and needing a date night with my man. etc etc. WOW. lol. that is pretty vulnerable and real stuff but it is the real deal.

:: on a sweet homeschooling note, i had maddie “teach” me some of the human body material that we had learned but needed to review. she took her role seriously! she went to her room and came out completely dressed for the part. then she taught me about the skeletal system.:)


One Response to “odds and ends …”

  1. Meredith Says:

    Totally understand the “funk” feeling AND the need for a date night. What about a date night at home after Maddie goes to bed? Dinner by candlelight?

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