juiced :)

June 17, 2011

a dear friend just gave me an amazing new juicer … something i’ve been *wanting* for sooo long, but have never splurged to buy. i am over the top excited!! (so much so that when she gave it to me, i came home and immediately began effusing to my hubby about it … only to find that after about 5 minutes of my obnoxious giddiness, he was on a live skype call and the other guy had heard everything. lovely. lol)

i have come across so much great information, testimonials, and encouragement about the benefits of juicing. now i need to assimilate all that info, relocate some resources, and jump in!

after having it just 24 hours, we’ve already tried: carrot juice, apple/spinach/pineapple; orange; apple; watermelon/blueberry. all – amazing!  there is nothing like putting an entire orange down a chute and pure, sweet orange juice pouring out. love!

please, share your insights and ideas on juicing. what have you loved? i am particularly interested in the health benefits inherent in different recipe combinations.


One Response to “juiced :)”

  1. Meredith Says:

    I have no knowledge of juicing, but I bet it would make some YUMMY strawberry lemonade!

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