homeschool bbq event – end of the year!

June 22, 2011

on sunday (father’s day!), a group of us homeschool families enjoyed a super afternoon and evening of fellowship, food, presentations, awards, commemoration.  fabulous heather and her family hosted at their home … her hubby grilled up, we all brought sides, and had quite a feast. tables were set up on the lawn, the weather was fabulous (80’s), kids played, grownups visited, everyone grubbed.

some of the kids were feeling some nervousness because after dinner they were to give presentations that they had prepared, on research that they’d completed.  this was a great opportunity to practice public speaking!  i was pretty surprised when maddie admitted that she was really quite excited to give her presentation – my shy girl, blooming?! 🙂 she had done her research on all things related to the movie “soul surfer”, and she had it memorized so completely that notes were unnecessary. go girl!

the kids did so great on their presentations! they ran the gamut, given the span of ages (2 years up to 15 years). we heard scripture recited (the entire 139th psalm – go austin!), learned about trenches from a world war, bats, tiger sharks, and more. good times.

after the kids’ presentations, the families each presented a display board that we’d created, covering our year. this was awesome!! it was quite a project putting it together (the night before!) but so incredibly gratifying to see it completed: an entire year of living, learning, growing, experiencing.  in addition to sharing our display boards with the group, the parents gave their kids awards (maddie was so surprised! it’s hanging on her wall now).

i am immeasurably grateful for this group of women … for these families that we get to share life with, learn alongside, and celebrate together. thank GOD!

here are a few pictures from the night …

tables set on the lawn ...


lori and naomi 🙂


me and my sweeties



wow - a super dark pic w/my 2 guys!


hubby is always so faithful to take pics and video and capture moments!



giving her presentation


heather, sharing her family's display board


our display board 🙂


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