happy 12 weeks, son!

June 28, 2011

perhaps it’s time to start referring to his age in months?! so … happy 3 months, josiah!!


:: he has starting TALKING … crazy darling “ahhh” “AAAH” sounds, voice inflection, loud and adorable! it’s as if he discovered this week that he can make sound; that the voice he hears is HIS and he can control it! so incredibly darling. my hubby said he could listen to him all day … ditto. 😉

:: we are doing more tummy time, and he can lift his head and look around, prop up on his arms for a few … then he plops back down!

:: he loves mirrors! there is one that hangs above his little “play gym” and it provides endless entertainment.

:: he is such a GOOD baby … he really cries only when he is super tired, and super hungry. and not always then, but if he’s crying, that’s typically why and it lasts just a moment.

:: he is on a great schedule, which i LOVE! he feeds, is awake for about an hour (from the time of his feeding) then is ready to sleep. we often rock, cuddle, hold him … i have this certain position in the crook of my arm, with the pacifier, swaddled in his blanket … and he’ll literally be asleep in 3 seconds. i often lay him down drowsy but not totally sacked out, and with a little pat on the back, he’ll fall asleep most times.  (his naps vary: BUT, about half the time, he’ll wake with a piercing cry when he’s not been asleep nearly long enough. he’s clearly *not* ready to be awake and falls asleep readily when held for just a sec. i don’t know why he wakes like this sometimes?!) most often, he’ll nap about an hour-ish … if it’s a long nap, he’ll wake when it’s feeding time and will be ready to eat. other times, he’ll wake and be happy until he gets hungry, at that 3 hour mark.

:: hubby is officially and entirely the morning diaper-changer!! here’s the scene: josiah’s in bed w/us (another post~!), morning arrives, i’ve been tossing and turning, feeding and soothing, and it’s clear that josiah is now wide awake. his diaper is soaked! i wake hubby, hand him josiah, and they go and have “their time”! they are often in josiah’s room for 20+ minutes … i hear them changing diapers, talking, laughing. i *love* these few moments of solo sleep time! 🙂

:: madison continues to be absolutely *essential* and invaluable as a big sis! literally, she can care for him completely independently; she is a little mama, and has such good instincts. i went grocery shopping without her this week – what a mistake! – it made me realize how much help she provides. she is in love with her bro!

:: he is a great breastfeeder! i’ve given up expectations of perfection, ie – he has to feed xxx amount of time on both breasts in order for it to be “successful”. forget it! sometimes he does, and it’s great. other times, he fills up on one and is playing on the second, so we stop. other times he feeds just a few minutes on one, gets restless, so i give him the other. he is growing perfectly, in my estimation, and i trust he knows what he needs.

:: speaking of breast feeding, i cannot resist him when he pulls off in order to look up at me and grin … a huge, cheese ball grin! as soon as he gets my attention and exclamation, he dives back on the breast, smiling. LOVE.

:: at our last unofficial home weighing (on our bathroom scale: madison steps on without holding him, then steps on holding him!) he weighed 13.5 lbs.

i am going to lay him on this blanket each month to see how he grows ... ernestine's idea!


here is he, fully talking away!! 'ahhh, ooohh!"


smiling into the pacifier, looking up at me ... couldn't resist!


he's about 9 weeks here ...


my lovebug, about 10 weeks old



One Response to “happy 12 weeks, son!”

  1. jani Says:

    I can hear him cooing! 🙂 What a sweetie!

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