on being a mother

June 30, 2011

you know how there are certain issues that you grapple with as a parent, in different seasons? the ones that seem to be at the forefront, about which you focus and grapple?

my mind and heart has been so focused these days on the difficulty and *necessity* of parenting both with the warm-fuzzy love that comes so easily as well as with the less enjoyable limit-setting, consequence-giving, and boundary-maintaining.

a friend recently commented that it’s such a bummer, when she is having one of those sweet mama-daughter moments with her 11 year old, to have to interrupt it with needed discipline.  that darn shifting of gears. lately, that gear shifting has been met with some ‘tude in our home; some serious displeasure at reprimand; a drop in countenance and a sour spirit.

this is an area of true struggle for me. and it’s an area of priority in child training in our home, right now. game on, mama.  i must raise the bar, enforce when needed, apply consequences when necessary.

most of all, i need to keep the big picture in mind: i am training a child who will someday be a mother, wife, friend, and (hopefully), Christ-servant. sparing her from hardship and disappointment now will *not* achieve that end.

these have given me good food for thought:

** a blog about mama’s doing too much

** this free e-book called, ‘a thinking love’, inspired by charlotte mason


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