July 9, 2011

:: i feel so behind on blogging … feeling scattered and without anything “solid” to say or share. so in the meantime, here are a few happenings around here lately …

:: summer is in full force … it’s been HOT … and my girl loves to swim. i’ve taken her and a friend to the public pool a few times already and this week, my aunt and uncle’s pool “opened” and we had a glorious swim there on thursday. i didn’t taken josiah all the way in as it was a bit brisk (!) but i did sit poolside w/him and dangle his feet in. then, he took a little nap and i got to swim, which felt great! (how much i wish we had a backyard w/a pool- how fab would that be?!)

:: nighttimes are not getting better. today i feel so incredibly sleepy and “brain-fogged” and it’s only 9am. i think that not having good rest in over 3 months is taking it’s toll. on a brighter note: he slept from midnight til 5:15 am last week – what a joyous day!! hee hee. unfortunately, it was a one-time deal.  i had thought that his wonderful schedule during the day (sleep, eat, awake time, sleep, eat …) would parlay in to a better night’s routine. not so much. i am going to get a baby monitor this week and move him in to his crib – hopefully that will help.

:: but he is so dang delicious! honestly, he is just the *sweetest* baby. he laughed for the first time last week for his sister – is there anything better than a baby’s big belly laugh?! nope.   he is loving having a “cuddly” blanket to hold and snuggle with when he’s sleepy. he is still loving the pacifier. he is getting stronger and holding his head up pretty darn good. he also loves to “stand” – big boy! and of course, he gives his infamous “cheeseball” grins which melt our hearts.

:: we had a blast at the cabin for the 4th and i will post pics soon. (the pics are uploaded on my hubby’s computer which he uses round-the-clock for work so it can be hard to get pics on my blog).

:: maddie is *totally* coming out of her shell this summer!! my little girl is growing up. as i type, she is getting ready to go to a birthday party sleepover and she is so excited.

:: i am reading max lucado’s “fearless” which is such a GOD-send for me. i continue to grapple with fear and worry feelings that at times can be overwhelming, and i am so ready to walk in victory and freedom! (galatians 5:1).

i will upload some recent pics soon!


One Response to “lately”

  1. Krystle Says:

    oh the sleep will come friend! I promise 🙂 🙂 having not slept the last 2 months of my pregnancy, i’m going on about 7 months of not sleeping through the night. BUT this last week they slept through 3 times (i wish i would have gone to bed before 11:30pm!!) so it WILL come!! 🙂

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