the week in pictures …

July 12, 2011

stand by for picture overload!! 🙂 it’s been a full and beautiful week … starting last sunday, july 3 … so here goes:

this pic says it all - maddie and mylia, jumping off the dock - glorious!

who is that little lovebug chillin on his grandma's lap!?

those competitive gymnast skills stick around ...!

gorgeous day!

back up at the cabin ... talking w/dad 🙂

i love this one, with papa looking on! 🙂

hello, son!

good times on the boat!

the next day, the actual 4th, was pretty low-key … we had some friends over in the afternoon, and i managed to snap a few pics before the camera died:

on tuesday, we went on the hellgate jetboat dinner trip, thanks to my generous uncle jerry. what a FABULOUS TIME!

((technical errors in trying to upload a pic from the jet boat trip – oops!))

this weekend, maddie had a wild and crazy sleepover birthday adventure at her friends – so much fun!

then sunday morning, we met some of our dear friends for brunch at the manor – a local retirement community. we are so blessed to have this friendship … such gracious, well-traveled, experienced and interesting people. the wife is an author and artist and has taken a special interest in madison, sending beautiful letters to her (to which madison responds with gorgeous artwork and letters); the hubby is retired from united nations work and remains connected and engaged, which makes for fabulous conversation.

here is madison with anita at brunch …

josiah was a hit at brunch … countless lovely residents stopped to admire his little squishy self. :0) and he was a champ for mama – i fed him right before, he sat happily in his carseat while we ate then fell asleep and slept throughout brunch, allowing me to eat and enjoy.

little man

on our way out ...

that night, sunday, we went to the children’s festival – an annual fave. we brought sophie and had a great time. and we figured out how to put josiah forward-facing in the baby bjorn – a first and it was so fun, having him able to look around and check things out. 🙂


One Response to “the week in pictures …”

  1. Meredith Says:

    What a beautiful, simple, happy week!

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