July 14, 2011

i hate that my mind focused on something that seems so trivial and base.


and yet, i am desperate for it.

last night continued the march down the road of unbearable nights; 3 in a row, that have been increasingly delirious. little man is becoming, a bit, shall i say, high maintenance??! the night before last, he would pretty much only sleep laying across me, in just the right position, while being patted a bit. insanity at 3am when you are beyond crying out for some shut eye.

so, i decided that it was TIME … sleep training, here we come! i got a baby monitor yesterday and was focusing (again, focusing on sleep? seems so lame) on the night ahead. i was ready. it was time.

my mom came over for dinner which was lovely, and little man was a complete lovebug for her. but when she was holding him, she noticed he sounded a bit congested, maybe? my mama alarm bells went off. sure enough, he became progressively more congested, and by the end of the evening, had a stream of clear snot pouring forth from his nose.  😦 poor little love!!! we had to repeatedly use the “squeegie” to clear him out, and the snot was causing him to cough and gag somewhat.

so, on the night i was ready to bust out with sleep training, my sweet little love gets some crud. this is his first time being even remotely “sick” and i hate it for him! 😦  needless to say, last night topped all as far as sleepless and delirious. i think i got maybe a few stretches of 2 hours but mostly, not.

i feel bad complaining but i am just keepin it real. i hope to have a wonderful update soon about how beautifully his sleep is going and how vastly improved nighttimes have become! here’s hoping … and praying. 🙂


One Response to “S.L.E.E.P.”

  1. Meredith Says:

    Oh Em, I know exactly how you feel.

    First off, Josiah is almost 4 months, right? Google “4 month wakeful” or “4 month sleep regression”–LOTS of babies have issues with sleep about that time due to developmental stuff that’s going on. I remember that time being SO HARD with Lizzy, but it was kind of nice to know that it wasn’t just her, but was a really common thing. We did try some sleep training around 4 months with very little success, and looking back, I wish I would have waited until Lizzy was showing signs that she could self-soothe, which for her wasn’t until about 6 months. One of the things that *did* help was to nurse her (during the day) in a really dark and quiet room–not always convenient, but it did make a big difference for us.

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