sewing project: we made a skirt!!

July 18, 2011

me and my girl completed a really cool sewing project! we’ve been *wanting * to use our sewing machines for some time, often discussing the different projects we’d like to do together. but somehow, the crafty projects were always postponed – honestly, i often didn’t feel i had the time or creative energy to devote to really diving in.

until yesterday! we were home, all sick with a frustrating summer cold, so it was a perfect time to pull out the machine, the material we’d gotten, and to find the blogs that we’d bookmarked with cool patterns and ideas.

this is the one we chose.  maddie was actually given a skirt a few years ago that has a very similar pattern. *super* simple, even for the sewing novices!!! 🙂

we had a little “glitch” after completing the first part of the skirt – maddie tried it on and didn’t like it. this is before we sewed on the bottom layer of bordering fabric. (and to be honest, this particular style – with the elastic waist – may be better suited for younger girls as far as style goes). maddie was ready to throw in the towel but that was not an option ( a good teaching moment about how we don’t quit but we finish what we start).

i am glad we did, because she *loves* the finished project! she was even inspired to create a shirt – her own design – and a matching headband.

here are the finished products:

maddie's cool shirt!



2 Responses to “sewing project: we made a skirt!!”

  1. 1. I’m so happy to see Miss Maddie sewing!
    2. This outfit is SO SUPER DUPER EXTRA AWESOME! SO CUTE! SERIOUSLY! (And the matching headband was not missed *wink*)
    3. You guys did a great job! You could make these in so many different prints or get a pattern for elastic capri pants and make summer clothes!


    If you don’t mind, can I ask about how much it cost to make this outfit? I often think of making clothes but also wonder if it is really a money saver?

    Tell Maddie she may have to come teach me how to make this super cute skirt! 😉

    Love It! Way to go Green girls!!!!!
    (I’m your crafting/sewing cheerleader…LOL)

  2. home2learn Says:

    jess, thank you!! 🙂
    as far as cost … we bought 3/4 yard of the main fabric at $9/yard (pricey). the secondary fabric was $4/yd, we got 3/4 yard. we spent about $1.50 on elastic. we already had the thread. SO, with cheaper material, it would be much more affordable! and we saw super cheap material at walmart today.

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