josiah’s 4 month well-baby

July 26, 2011

our little man is growing up! he’s not 4 months til next week so our appt was a bit early.

((first, i have to say how much i love our f.n.p. for josiah. one of my friends said that for her to select a doctor, she needs it to be someone she would “go for a walk with”. that is how i feel with kathryn! we sat and just *talked* about josiah, without that usual power differential that exists with other doctors, who sit as the “expert” and make me, the mama, feel flustered and nervous. so, i am thankful.))

so, kathryn’s first comment when she came in to the room was how much he’d grown! and how *long* he seemed to be. sure enough, he is 26 1/4 inches long, in the 90th percentile. wild! he weighs 14 lb 10oz, which is in the 50th percentile. a perfect, healthy boy … thank GOD!

she also noted how great his head and neck control is, as he was sitting on my lap, just watching her. she said he has great facial expression – true!

big highlight: he rolled from his back to belly yesterday!! we were chillin on my aunt’s deck by her pool and boom, he rolled. my mom was there and i asked her, was that for real!? i put him on his back and he did another complete roll. wow! of course, since hubby arrived home from his trip josiah has refused to cooperate and demonstrate the roll. lol. he has rolled from tummy to back but hasn’t done it for a few weeks – funny.

this past week he has literally started grabbing things and pulling them toward him. he loves having a “cozy” next to his face – any blanket will do, especially when he is falling asleep. he’s still a major pacifier lover.

we talked about his sleep … !! i shared that as of last night, he is literally waking up every 2 hours. seriously. and i really am feeling like it *must* change, for my sanity. she ever-so-gently said that physically, he really is capable of sleeping 4-5 hours, at least … and she asked about my thoughts on letting him cry (!). we agreed that when i lay him down at 9:30, and he wakes again at midnight – he likely does not need to eat at that time. she did say that having him move to his crib, which we did a couple weeks ago, was good timing.

i have been laying him down awake, and today he fell asleep! the trick was to lay him down when he was just showing signs of tiredness and was still content … he happily played and fell asleep. i think this is going to be most successful when we are home and his eat-awake-sleep rhythm is more regular. the past couple of days we’ve been running around a lot so i’ve had to cut naps short, move him from crib to car seat, feed him in the car on the fly … all of this messes the “schedule” up which makes predicting his eat/sleep times more difficult.

he is so oral! he is constantly eating his fist, his hands, his fingers. he loves to “stand” and look around. he is amazing at tracking … watching us walk around the room. he is so distractible when breastfeeding – just tonight, he kept pulling off to watch maddie, turning his whole body to watch her walk around the room.

he is babbling and just this weekend started making more consonant sounds.  he is giggling more and more and there is *nothing* sweeter in the world!

he is just a sweet baby … growing and changing so much. i am cherishing all the newborn squishiness, as meredith says, while it lasts.



One Response to “josiah’s 4 month well-baby”

  1. Meredith Says:

    I always feel like I’m battling trying to find that balance between keeping on “schedule” and also wanting to just do life, and run to the park when someone calls or whatever. It definitely feels like a tightrope to me!

    Love that newborn squishiness stage!

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