a quick hello …

August 2, 2011

i’ve been neglecting this little place …

full days of summer sunshine, lots of water play, time with friends. add to that, sleepless nights (getting worse), hubby’s travels (missing my man so bad) and keeping up with household responsibilities … equals a less-than-stellar blogger.

i *do* have 4 months pics of my little man (4 months today!) to upload – soon.  did i post about the tostada salad that has captured my heart these days!? lol. seriously, i think i’ve had it almost daily. summer goodness.

most of all, through these days i have felt a deepening of my faith … the presence of my Faithful Abba ever close and meeting needs in a breath-taking way.

love to you all, and more in this place soon …


One Response to “a quick hello …”

  1. jaw123456 Says:

    A beautiful hello friend. Yes, being a full time Mama makes blogging a bit challenging at times. I have found myself in that same busy place – full of responsibilities and life, and friends and summer fun! It is so good…and yet, leaves little time in our schedules for writing. Thank you for your post!

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