busy-ness and packed schedules

August 5, 2011

my girl has been at a morning camp and my beloved has been in philadelphia so i’ve had mornings “alone” this week … with my little man, of course! it’s been a treat, being home and able to tackle some things i’ve been wanting to do without interruption. i’ve also been able to listen to some good teachings and interviews this week, and one in particular captured my attention.

the speaker – and i didn’t catch his name, unfortunately!, i tuned in too late – was talking about the breakdown of marriages. he focused specifically on the crazy pace kept by newly married couples … the harried schedules, stressful jobs, full social calendar, and then the introduction of new babies and the stress that creates. he cited that at about the 4 year mark, couples often just decide they can’t continue on, and so they divorce.

i was struck by his comment about how few of us practice the spiritual disciplines of solitude, prayer, fasting … creating quiet in our lives.  i find this to be so counter-cultural; value is placed on being super involved, busy, and scheduled. i see that our culture promotes this value but how much do i buy in to it? and how intentional am i about creating intentional space for quiet, for rest, for reflection and prayer?

he spoke also of creating this “space”  in marriage … of being intentional about investing in your covenant relationship. he said that in the early years of his marriage, he and his wife would brew a pot of coffee, tell the kids not to interrupt (barring an emergency), and spend maybe half an hour just talking … no cell phones, texts, computers.

hubby and i have long been drawn to really implementing Sabbath rest in our home and our lives – have not yet made it a reality but i increasingly am seeing the value of REST … of just being, and not always doing.





One Response to “busy-ness and packed schedules”

  1. Yes. Good reminder! I’m so thankful that we decided to “slow down” and stay home this weekend instead of heading camping like we were going to!

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