odds and ends …

August 9, 2011

:: it’s been one week with my hubby gone, and i am SO ready for him to return. i am missing him, i am weary of parenting alone, and i have so much appreciation for military wives who do this for months.  i love having my man, here.

:: he is having an extraordinary time in philadelphia! my heart is happy when i hear of the events he is participating in and creating. today, he was invited to be on the panel for the white house’s forum on urban economic development. my babe! he is growing, networking, experiencing and stepping out and in to what GOD has for his life, and i love it.

:: maddie is going to summer camp this coming weekend – first time ever! 3 days, 2 nights … so not too long but long enough.  the very cool part is that her bff flew in today from texas (she moved 2 yrs ago) and the bff gets to come to the camp w/maddie! they will have a blast. this will be a great time of stretching and growing and independence for my girl.

:: speaking of my girl … this week has held some tender, difficult, intense parenting moments that have been shared with a dear friend (kids’ issues that mama’s had to process together). what has been incredible is that one particular conversation with this dear mama friend about issues in my child, could have been really tense and could have provoked in me that fleshly defensiveness when it comes to our kids. but it didn’t. the concerns were shared with such deep love, humility and respect … and i believe that GOD used that conversation to prompt and spur me on in taking steps as a mama that i’ve needed to take … truth in love … delivered without an ounce of pride or criticism or condemnation.  powerful. i am so thankful for the depth of that friendship, and for His Spirit moving within and between, comforting, reminding, encouraging. He is faithful!

:: on a much more dreary note, our washing machine is broken. the timing, especially financially, is really a bummer. it kept dying on me mid-cycle but would eventually finish, with lots of re-setting and re-starting. last week, when hubby left, it completely bit it. now, the standing water in there has begun to smell funky and i decided today that i could not greet my hubby home with a house smelling like rotten crap. eww. soo, i had fun (lol), filling up a pitcher and pouring it outside, many many times … now it’s almost empty but not quite. i need to figure out some way to fight the smell. double eww.

my girl is calling me to come do a pedicure with her, while josiah naps. 🙂 pretty toes, here we come!


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