off to camp!!!

August 12, 2011

this morning, our girl left for summer camp … her first overnight camp ever!! 3 days, 2 nights of  activities, campfire, swimming, girls, giggles, games, worship, and memories up in the mountains. she was SO excited! and a very cool bonus is that her bff is in town visiting and is going to camp, also! (bff moved to texas 2 years ago).

{my mama heart has mixed feelings, for sure! so excited for this positive step of independence for my girl, knowing she will have rich experiences and praying for GOD to speak to her heart. i will miss her, and she is getting over a big asthma flare so believing that the nutrition and meds that we’ve poured in to her will continue to heal and she will be feeling great.}

a few pics from this morning …

maddie & kiana ... pre-departure meeting in the gym with cabin groups!~

hubby and lovebug, waiting for the kids to board the bus!

big smiles as they get on the bus

goodbye my sweet girl!!

hee hee!

bye, sister!!


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